America’s 30 Most Haunted Hotels You can Stay in for Spookier Halloween

Fancy a stay at one of the most haunted hotels in North America? Plenty of horror movies have established the term “haunted hotel” for thrill-seekers who find the idea of spending a night in a hotel with a history of spooky occurrences somewhat frightening but fun. And let’s face it – many of us have dreamt of spending at least one night at a haunted hotel.

Ghost sightings and unexplained incidents have long been a part of some of North America’s most famous hotels. Regardless of the spooky elements, these same haunted hotels can be extremely luxurious and plush. You can actually stay at these haunted hotels this Halloween.

Although, most of these hotel ghosts are friendly, a few are a bit mischievous who seem to get their eternal kicks from scaring the living hell out of the guests. Others, like the founders of The Stanley Hotel, Freelan Oscar Stanley and his wife Flora, simply want to make sure their beloved properties are well-maintained. Here are 30 most haunted hotels in North America where you can spend a spooktacular Halloween night.

Stanley Hotel, Colorado

Stephen King got inspiration for the Overlook Hotel in his book The Shining from the Stanley Hotel. It is said that the hotel’s owners Flora and F.O. Stanley haunt their creation to date. Guests have often complained about doors shutting and pianos playing on their own. Room 217, where King stayed, is known to be haunted by the former head housekeeper Mrs. Wilson. The hotel offers ghost tours where guests can visit the creepy underground tunnel beneath the hotel and an extended five-hour paranormal investigation. Want a stay?

Most Haunted Hotels in North America

Image: Stanley Hotel

Shanley Hotel, New York

Not to confuse with Colorado’s Stanley Hotel, New York’s Shanley Hotel is said to be one of the most haunted hotels in North America. With all the tragedy and life loss this hotel has seen, there are many restless spirits here. James Shanley purchased the hotel in 1906. His sister-in-law and brother are said to haunt this place. Visitors also see and hear ghosts of many children who died in the hotel. There are many cold spots and paranormal hotspots that have spooked the guests staying here.

Most Haunted Hotels in North America

Image: Road Trippers

Emily Morgan Hotel, San Antonio, Texas

The neo-Gothic San Antonio hotel was a super-advanced medical facility back in the 1920s. The hotel is known for paranormal activity, particularly on the 7th, 12th and 14th floors, which housed the psychiatric, hospital and surgery wings and crematorium. Guests have often complained about TVs and lights turning off and on, phones ringing in the middle of the night and sightings of a mysterious woman in white.

Most Haunted Hotels in North America

Image: Emily Morgan Hotel

Chelsea Hotel, New York City

New York’s Chelsea Hotel is known for its famous guests and housing ghosts of many popular people who had pretty gruesome stories. Poet Dylan Thomas died of pneumonia while staying at the hotel in 1953. In 1978, Nancy Spungen, girlfriend of English musician Sid Vicious, was stabbed to death – possibly by Vicious himself. The spirits of the departed are said to haunt this hotel.

Most Haunted Hotels in North America

Image: Victoria Cohen

Concord’s Colonial Inn, Massachusetts

It is one of the oldest hotels in America and comes with a few ghost stories. During the Revolutionary War, Concord’s Colonial Inn served as a hospital – where the operating room was in Room 24 and Room 27 served as the morgue. Guests claimed to have seen spirits roaming around these rooms, heard whispers from the closets and watched lights turning on and off and doors shutting on their own.

Most Haunted Hotels in North America

Image: Concord’s Colonial Inn

Admiral Fell Inn, Maryland

Located on the waterfront in Baltimore, The Admiral Inn has a ghostly history as it served as a business and lodging place for saloons, mobsters, brothels and sailors. Guests have reported sightings of floating sailor ghosts and disappearing butlers. The Inn has witnessed many murders and deaths inside its walls. The Admiral’s Historic Ghost tour teaches the guests about the property’s history, along with an experience-sharing session with previous guests and a nautical trick learning session.

Most Haunted Hotels in North America

Image: Trip Advisor

Omni Parker House, Massachusetts

The hotel was opened by Harvey Parker – a truly dedicated and spirited hotelier – who remained profoundly involve with operations until his death in 1884. Guests have reported sightings of Mr. Parker inquiring people about their stay at the hotel. There are many reports of witnessing the spirit of Charles Dickens on the third floor, where he lived in the hotel for a brief time. Literary fans might want to stay here in the hope to encounter the great novelist.

Most Haunted Hotels in North America

Image: Omni Hotels

The Sagamore, Bolton Landing, New York

Known for its luxury lodging and amazing lakefront location, The Sagamore Resort is also famous for its haunting factor. As the stories go, there is a ghost of a silver-haired woman wearing a blue polka-dot dress climbing down the stairs to the hotel’s restaurant, a mischievous little boy ghost hanging in the golf course who steals and flings golf balls at the players, another woman in white scares people by hovering over their beds and many others giving a fright to the guests.

Most Haunted Hotels in North America

Image: The Sagamore

Hotel Monteleone, New Orleans

Generations of hotel guests and staff at Hotel Monteleone have frequently experienced paranormal activities. There is a restaurant door that opens and closes almost every evening on its own, even after being locked and an elevator that stops on the wrong floor and leads people down a hallway that is chilly and has ghostly children. Among the spirits in the hotel, there are several former employees and children.

Most Haunted Hotels in North America

Image: Agoda

The Red Lion Inn, Massachusetts

The most prominent historic landmark in Massachusetts’s Stockbridge, the Red Lion Inn has been a favorite of paranormal investigators and mediums. Room 301 is particularly known as a haunted hot spot, where guests have reported being woken upon someone or something tugging on the bed covers. The common sightings are of a ghostly young girl carrying flowers and a man in a top hat and olden day attire.

Most Haunted Hotels in North America

Image: Red Lion Inn

Crescent Hotel, Arkansas

Crescent Hotel & Spa in Eureka Springs, Arkansas is well-known for its haunted sightings. It has been often called as “America’s most haunted hotel” and offers a ghost tour for a fee. Many guests have reported ghost sightings and other paranormal activities. The owners of the hotel, Marty and Elise Roenigk, hired two certified mediums to do a reading of the edifice. It was discovered that the hotel showed signs of being a portal to a dimension that holds the spirits of the dead.

Most Haunted Hotels in North America

Image: New Moon spa

Hanover Inn, Dartmouth, New Hampshire

Located near Dartmouth College, Hanover Inn is particularly known for the incident that happened in 1934, when nine fraternity brother and their dates were killed by a carbon monoxide leak during a house party. Since then, many students and some local guests have reported running into the ghosts of those who died and finding a room that doesn’t exist on the map, filled with a party of those deceased young men and women.

30 Most Haunted Hotels in North America You Can Stay In for Halloween

Image: Hanover Inn

Jekyll Island Club, Georgia

This 1886 resort has quite the haunted element to offer to its guests. Jekyll Island Club is known to have a few spirits roaming around its halls. Banker J. P. Morgan, known for smoking his favorite cigar at 5 am every morning in the Annex, was a regular guest; people can smell the smoke early in the morning. Samuel Spencer, a railroad executive of southern railway who died in 1906, is said to visit his favorite suite. The spirit of a 1920 bellhop is still at work on the second floor.

30 Most Haunted Hotels in North America You Can Stay In for Halloween

Image: Jekyll Club

Green Park Inn, North Carolina

The guests at this 1891 hotel have witnessed many apparitions, especially in the Room 318, where Laura Green, the daughter of founding family, killed herself after she was left at the altar. The ghosts of two children frequently have been sighted. People have often reported hearing disembodied voices from Rooms 332 and 333. The innkeeper at the front desk keeps a ghost register so the visitors can report any supernatural experiences.

30 Most Haunted Hotels in North America You Can Stay In for Halloween

Image: Green Park Inn

The Pfister Hotel, Wisconsin

A major among the baseball players, Milwaukee’s The Pfister Hotel is known as one of the most haunted hotels in North America. Many visiting players and celebrities have witnessed the ghost of Charles Pfister, the original owner of the hotel, roaming around the hotel to ensure that his guests are well taken care of. Guests have also complained about headboards banging, music playing on its own and voices in the hallways in the dead of the night.

30 Most Haunted Hotels in North America You Can Stay In for Halloween

Image: Marcus Hotels

The Seelbach Hilton, Louisville, Kentucky

According to the legend, a married couple was to meet at the hotel in 1907 after separation, but the husband died in an accident and the distraught wife threw herself down the elevator shaft of the hotel. Since then, her spirit wearing a blue dress haunts the Seelbach Hilton. Apart from the Lady in Blue, there have been reports of three other apparitions. People have also reported about smelling a faint scent of perfume and hearing disembodied footsteps.

30 Most Haunted Hotels in North America You Can Stay In for Halloween

Image: WDRB

La Fonda on the Plaza, New Mexico

La Fonda on the Plaza is built on a historic corner in Santa Fe and is beloved by fans of all things supernatural. The 400-year-old hotel has been a site of violent events. Guests have sighted many ghostly apparitions over the years – a black-cloaked judge who was shot to death in the hotel; a salesman who killed himself after losing money in a card game; a murdered bride who returns to the hotel on special occasions.

30 Most Haunted Hotels in North America You Can Stay In for Halloween

Image: La Fonda Santa Fe

Hawthorne Hotel, Salem

Salem is known for supernatural activities and the infamous 1692 Witch Trials. It also have a few haunted hotels to add to its paranormal allure. The Hawthorne Hotel of Salem has ghost stories of its own, which mostly tell about lost sea captains returning to their gathering place. Guests have often reported moving furniture, sights of a female ghost and unexplained noises. Rooms 325 and 621 are particularly logged as the most haunted rooms in the hotel.

30 Most Haunted Hotels in North America You Can Stay In for Halloween

Image: Planet of Hotels

The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, Los Angeles

This historic hotel has been home for many famous Hollywood names and is known as one of the most haunted hotels in North America with sightings of multitude of ghosts, including many deceased actors who stayed at the hotel during their lifetime. Throughout the years, people have reported seeing the ghosts of Marilyn Monroe, Montgomery Cliff, Errol Flynn and Carole Lombard. Other apparitions involve a little girl and two men.

30 Most Haunted Hotels in North America You Can Stay In for Halloween

Image: The Hollywood Roosevelt

Lord Baltimore Hotel, Maryland

Through its 90-year history, the Lord Baltimore Hotel has had several reports of paranormal activities. Built in 1928, it was one of the tallest buildings in the city and during the Great Depression, there were at least 20 documented reports of people jumping from the 19th floor rooftop deck. Guests and staff have seen three ghosts in particular – a couple and their daughter with a red ball.

30 Most Haunted Hotels in North America You Can Stay In for Halloween

Image: Travel Weekly

Omni Mount Washington, New Hampshire

Located in an ethereal setting, Omni Mount Washington Hotel has something little extra to offer on the side. The hotel was built by Joseph Stickney in 1902, who died shortly after the construction of this summer paradise. His wife Carolyn remarried but kept spending summers here and now she haunts the hotel. There have been multiple sightings and spooky occurrences in the hotel, particularly in Room 314, which was Carolyn’s old suite.

30 Most Haunted Hotels in North America You Can Stay In for Halloween

Image: Omni Hotels

Queen Anne Hotel, San Francisco

While there are ghost who will scare the life out of you, there are a few spirits who will try and be friendly and caring. Take the ghost of Miss Mary Lake of the Queen Anne Hotel – she was the former headmistress of the girls’ school that opened here in 1890 and has been known to look after guests who stay in her former office, Room 410. People have reported that their clothes were unpacked for them while others were neatly tucked in bed.

30 Most Haunted Hotels in North America You Can Stay In for Halloween

Image: Queen Anne

Omni Homestead, Virginia

The classic “left at the altar” story! One of the oldest resorts in the US, the Omni Homestead was established as a simple lodge in 1766 before evolving into a luxury, European-style spa resort in the mid-1850s. According to the legend, the resort is home to a jilted bride from the early 1900s, who was left at the altar and took her own life. Apparently, she has been wandering the 14th floor of the hotel, stopping guests and employees and asking for the time.

30 Most Haunted Hotels in North America You Can Stay In for Halloween

Image: Omni Hotels

The Mayflower Hotel, Washington

The inaugural ball tradition at the Mayflower Hotel started back in 1920s. It is said to be haunted by former President Calvin Coolidge since 1937 when his inauguration date was changed to January 20. The hotel organizes a ball every year on that date in his honor, during which, the lights of the Grand Ballroom start to flicker around 10 pm, one elevator refuses to move from the 8th floor to the lobby until 10:15 pm and hors d’oeuvres and wine has been found on the balcony which hasn’t been served that day.

30 Most Haunted Hotels in North America You Can Stay In for Halloween

Image: The Mayflower Hotel

Fairmont Banff Springs, Alberta

The luxury Canadian hotel Fairmont Banff Springs was built in 1888 and has had many famous guests including Marilyn Monroe, Helen Keller and Queen Elizabeth II. According to the hotel legend, a family staying in Room 873 was murdered years ago and the spirits never left the room. Guests have complained being awoken to shrieks, bloody fingerprints and other spooky occurrences.

30 Most Haunted Hotels in North America You Can Stay In for Halloween

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Hotel Sorrento, Seattle

The 110-year-old hotel is bound to have some haunted stories to tell. People have reported sightings of a ghost that appears to be the American-born member of the Parisian avant-garde movement, Alice B. Toklas, who wanders the halls of the hotel, particularly around Room 408. Guests and staff members have heard piano being played by a disembodied entity, flickering of lights and other paranormal activities.

30 Most Haunted Hotels in North America You Can Stay In for Halloween

Image: Stephen Travels

Hotel del Coronado, Coronado

While the all-wood Victorian design of this 130-year-old hotel speaks of a bygone era, its halls whisper its spooky secrets. The hotel has a resident ghost by the name of Kate Morgan. Legend has it that Kate Morgan was registered under an alias in 1892, stayed for a few days while waiting for someone and then killed herself when nobody showed. Aside from Kate’s apparition, guests and employees have often reported inexplicable noises, footsteps, cold spots and strange sightings.

30 Most Haunted Hotels in North America You Can Stay In for Halloween

Image: Hotel Del

The Hay-Adams Hotel, Washington

Named after John Hay and Henry Adams, who were active statesmen in Washington DC in the latter half of the 19th century, The Hay-Adams Hotel is home to many strange happenings. Guests have complained about doors getting unlocked on their own, radios turning on and off and objects being moved by disembodied entities. There are mysterious orbs, full-bodied apparitions and cold spots in the hotel. Many people have heard a woman’s low, mournful wails.

30 Most Haunted Hotels in North America You Can Stay In for Halloween

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Queen Mary, Long Beach, California

The Queen Mary is a retired British ocean liner that sailed on the North Atlantic Ocean from 1936 to 1967 and is now permanently docked in Long Beach. It has many ghost stories to narrate, including the sightings of an engineer who died in the ship’s engine room years ago, a ‘lady in white,’ and various children ghosts wandering around the ship especially the 1st class pool. Stateroom B340 is particularly known to be haunted.

30 Most Haunted Hotels in North America You Can Stay In for Halloween

Image: Trip advisor

El Hotel Mesón de Jobito, Mexico

Mexico’s El Hotel Mesón de Jobito is among the most haunted hotels in North America. Reportedly, apparitions of miners have showed up at this hotel looking for gold, as well as the sound of horse hooves can be heard many times. Most of these paranormal sightings and sounds happen around 4 am. Guests have often felt a weird presence and heard disembodied noises and movements.

30 Most Haunted Hotels in North America You Can Stay In for Halloween

Image: Trip advisor

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