Melograno Showerhead Looks Like Glass Ball Chandelier

Melograno Showerhead Looks Like Glass Ball Chandelier

Melograno showerhead is born from the collaboration between Fima Carlo Frattini and Italian interior lighting manufacturer Melogranoblu. Designed by Davide Vercelli, each showerhead consists of ten blown glass spheres finished in satin and metallic surface, suspended at different heights through silicone tubes. All glass balls are covered in an elegant steel mesh to look like drops of water.

Just like a chandelier with hanging glass balls, it is a thoughtful take on the modern shower with multiple heads. All hanging elements of the showerhead are connected to the ceiling by a 50 cm diameter disc of 4 cm thickness. The disc functions as a central module for both water and light supply too.

Furthermore, three LED spotlights with soft white light illuminate spheres to give life to suggestive reflections and intriguing play of light.

Apart from the adorable design, this multi-head shower system is great for enhancing the overall bathing experience with LED lights and sprinkling water from different heights.

In a dream bathroom containing custom cabinetry, vanity, heated floors and perhaps a soaking tub, the Melograno showerhead will be a truly practical and aesthetically pleasing addition.

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We’ve featured a few multiple-head shower systems before, but this one looks classier with the eye-catchy, chandelier-like design. It is perfect for those wanting to add an element of luxury to their ordinary bathrooms.  

Melograno Showerhead Looks Like Glass Ball Chandelier

Image: Davide Vercelli

Melograno Showerhead Looks Like Glass Ball Chandelier

Image: FIMA Carlo Frattini

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