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Open Air Hotel by Null Stern

Null Stern’s Open Air Hotel with no roof, no walls, no bathroom

Now travelers can enjoy unobstructed panoramic views of Swiss Alps in the Open Air Hotel by Null Stern. While most hotels offer number of luxury amenities to their guests for a comfortable stay, this one has none.

In fact, the hotel doesn’t even have a ceiling, walls or a bathroom. Nonetheless, it is situated on the best possible location in the middle of the Swiss Alps, almost 6,463-feet above sea level. Well, who needs to be comforted with luxuries when you can actually get a chance to sleep under the stars in this partition-free hotel. Now, that’s a room with a view!

The room consists of nothing but a stone platform that’s decked up with a queen sized bed, floating bedside tables and two stools. Offering optimal views of the sky and the exotic mountains, the hotel offers out of the world experience to the guests. The hotel also provides a butler to serve breakfast in bed. However to use a public bathroom, you need to take 10 minutes walk from the room.

For 250 Swiss francs (approx. US $253) per night, the open air hotel can be booked throughout spring and autumn. But your reservations can be canceled at the last minute due to poor weather conditions.

Open Air Hotel by Null Stern

Open Air Hotel by Null Stern

Open Air Hotel by Null Stern

Partition-free hotel in the middle of Swiss Alps

Open Air Hotel by Null Stern

The hotel provides a butler to serve breakfast in bed

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