5 million Star Hotel: Enjoy star-studded Northern Lights cozily snugged in your bed

Are you someone fascinated by the Northern Lights, always dreaming about the magnificence of nature while lying in your bed? Then you are going to love Buubble – The 5 Million Star Hotel which compliments its name perfectly. So, basically you lie back on a comfy bed, somewhere in Iceland’s forest, and enjoy the spectacular view of Aurora Borealis from a transparent bubble housing with infinite stars in the backdrop.

This unique idea by Robert Robertsson is the ideal way to enjoy Northern Lights without freezing out in the cold night. And by the way, it was Robert’s childhood dream to lull into sleep while enjoying the Northern Lights. Hence, came into existence ‘5 Million Star Hotel’ which has panoramic view of the skies above and wilderness surrounding the location which is only revealed once you make the reservation.

The ‘Buubble‘ (not bubble) encapsulates its guests in a comfy setting with temperature controlled environment for an unforgettable night show that the polar sky has to offer. Each one has a double bed, space heater, lamp and a noiseless ventilation system. For times when nature calls, there is a timber-clad shared facility which has a bathroom, kitchen, and shower.

Currently, five inflatable bubbles are up for booking in two different styles – fully transparent igloo-shaped bubbles and partially transparent spherical bubbles.

A night’s stay inside this one-of-a-kind hotel will set you back $295 USD, but it’s absolutely worth every penny. After all, enjoying the star-studded sky painted in nature’s colors from the cozy comfort of your bed is nothing ordinary.

5 Million Star Hotel Iceland

360-degree view of the surroundings

5 Million Star Hotel Iceland

Somewhere in Iceland

5 Million Star Hotel Iceland

Cocooned in a bubble

5 Million Star Hotel Iceland

Cozy interiors offer comfortable stay

5 Million Star Hotel Iceland

All the basic facilities

5 Million Star Hotel Iceland

Enjoy Northern Lights in different style

5 Million Star Hotel Iceland

5 Million Star Hotel – Buubble

Via: TravelAndLeisure

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