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Drommen Hut is Unusual Multilevel Treehouse with Terrace

If you’re looking for a secluded, serene, and unforgettable stay with your spouse or friend, Drommen Hut – The Treehouse by L’arbre à Cabane in Guyonvelle, France is the place to be. Tucked away in a beautiful forest spanning several hectares, the beautiful cocoon-shaped Drommen, at 6 meters above the ground is an unusual treehouse built in levels – stories, if you may.

With all the natural beauty around, this unique treehouse welcomes you to a certain romantic and unforgettable stay. Besides the way this place binds humans to nature, the Drommen hut’s unusual style is what makes it worth the visit, yes, it’s available for rent on Airbnb.

As you climb up the stairs from the ground, the Drommen welcomes you in a small private living area, in the next story is a cozy bedroom for two and a separate terrace, perched 10m high, from where you can have a 360- degree view of the forest. There’s a dry toilet in the area below the living room. Interestingly there is a bathroom with shower, toilet and a washbasin further away from the treehouse.

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Reserved for people over 18 years, the Drommen is not suitable for children. For lighting, the treehouse uses candles and LED lamps. The guests are provided with pillows, quilt and complimentary breakfast (served in the accommodation).

You are required to carry your own bedsheet and towels, though they can be made available on request for extra cost. Also, you’re provided with a small heater to beat the heat in the winters. 

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Image: L’arbre à Cabane

drommen treehouse France-2

Image: L’arbre à Cabane


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