Merryn Floor Standing Planter

Merryn Floor-Standing Planter Made of Oak Resembles a Conga Drum

Growing and nourishing plants at home is more than just about greenery and beautiful interiors; it is the first small stride toward the betterment of this planet’s health. In order to house a plant, you are obviously going to need an indoor planter. Merryn Floor-Standing Planter by Tom Raffield is a uniquely designed option that would let you grow those house plants with more confidence and style. 

We have over the years seen planters made from recycled materials and others that automatically care for the plants without human intervention. Merryn is a refreshing wooden planter that is decorative enough to enliven your place.  

Weighing about 4.45 kg, it can act as a centerpiece no matter where you choose to place it inside the house. It can hold your ordinary planter and give it a new lease of life. Finished in an eco-friendly natural oil blend, the Merryn floor-standing planter is made from sustainably sourced oak.

This planter reminiscent of the shape of a Conga drum features sixteen elliptical blades of twisting steam-bent oak. The elliptical blades stand shoulder to shoulder in a beautiful, spherical manner to support a nestled, handmade earthenware bowl.

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Designed to make any space come to life, Merryn measuring L 360mm x W 360mm x H 775mm is available for £745 (roughly $1,000). A smaller version of the planter is also available.

Merryn Floor Standing Planter_6

Image: Tom Raffield

Merryn Floor Standing Planter_5

Image: Tom Raffield

Merryn Floor Standing Planter_1

Image: Tom Raffield

Merryn Floor Standing Planter_3

Image: Tom Raffield

Merryn Floor Standing Planter_4

Image: Tom Raffield

Merryn Floor Standing Planter_15

Image: Tom Raffield

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