AIRBUS A320 Coffee table by Plane Industries

Plane Industries Upcycles Airplane Exit Door for an Aesthetically Pleasing Coffee Table

The world has witnessed remarkable engineering and design feats in the past few years. With consumerism at its peak, there is cut-throat competition between manufacturers, designers, and even retailers while making and selling raw items finished into designer furniture like coffee tables. Amid, the growth in demand for design-centric tables and chairs, some manufacturing units are at a cross with the ongoing trend and focusing on upcycling. Plane Industries is one such manufacturer that’s paving the way for other small units to upcycle old used or barren items into a newly finished product.

Using reclaimed and authentic parts from Airbus A320, Plane Industries has breathed new life into the exit door of a former aircraft which has now successfully been converted into an aesthetically pleasing table. Dubbed as ‘The Exit Door Table’, its essential part once served as an emergency exit door on an Airbus A320.

Designed, built, and finished by Plane Industries in its UK-based workshop, the table in aluminum exterior has been polished to a mirror finish and topped with an 8mm glass top. The frame and legs have been handcrafted out of solid, sustainable black American walnut to form beautiful curves that remain true to the original engineering of the door. The underbelly chassis has been powder-coated to add a dash of vibrancy that would suit any interior.

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Measuring almost 4 feet long by 1.6 feet wide, the table is available in three different metalwork finishes Perfect mirror-polish, Rustic mirror-polish, and Unique matt polish. As told to Homecrux, The Airbus A320 coffee table is priced at $5,439 and can be ordered by placing a request on the company’s official website

AIRBUS A320 Coffee table by Plane Industries_5

Image: Plane Industries

AIRBUS A320 Coffee table by Plane Industries_8

Image: Plane Industries

AIRBUS A320 Coffee table by Plane Industries_6

Image: Plane Industries

AIRBUS A320 Coffee table by Plane Industries_7

Image: Plane Industries

AIRBUS A320 Coffee table by Plane Industries_9

Image: Plane Industries

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