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Christmas tree latte art – Perfect espresso topping for holiday season

A cup of coffee is just not a beverage; it is an energy drink for so many people to remain charged for the entire day. The goodness doubles when they get coffee with eye-catchy latte art over it. That’s what is trending these days, and espresso lovers don’t mind spending extra on it. As it is Christmas time, you will see so many latte designs around, inspired by Christmas tree.

Christmas tree latte art is all over on the Instagram for holiday season. People are having their coffee later, but posting their photos on Instagram before that to make their profile happening. Have a look at these Christmas tree latte arts, and we are sure you will definitely crave sipping one right away.

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Christmas Tree Latte art - Sanremobakery Image: Instagram/Sanremobakery[/caption]

Christmas Tree Latte art - baristabrian

Image: Instagram/baristabrian

Christmas Tree Latte art - stewartsbistro_nc

Image: Instagram/stewartsbistro_nc

Christmas Tree Latte art - zushka.biros

Image: Instagram /zushka.biros

Christmas Tree Latte art - summerwly94

Image: Instagram/summerwly94

Christmas Tree Latte art - scrimey

Image: Instagram/ scrimey

Christmas Tree Latte art - thelatteartlady

Image: Instagram/thelatteartlady

Christmas Tree Latte art - stephpotts88

Image: Instagram/stephpotts88

Christmas Tree Latte art

Image: Instagram/ rastoni_cafe

Christmas Tree Latte art

Image: Instagram/hartcoffeelane

Christmas Tree Latte art

Image: Instagram/amoslololo

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