Hogar Controls Unveils Prima Touch Light Switches at CES 2020

Hogar Controls Unveils Prima Touch Light Switches at CES 2020

The global home automation company Hogar Controls has showcased its new products, including the Prima touch light switches at CES 2020. These switches are multi-functional, which means they can be used to turn on/off or dim lights, as well as function as scene controllers for both Z-Wave and Zigbee-enabled smart devices.

The Prima touch light switches will improve the looks of walls as they do not look like standard light switches rather they boast a sleek glass panel design with programmable touch buttons.

In addition to serving as a light switch or dimmer, the switch can also be configured to control other smart scenes in a home including shading, sensors, security and comfort devices. Users can customize the button control settings in the Hogar app.

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These wall-mounted light switch panels are heat, humidity and shockproof. Another cool feature is its retro fit design, which makes it easy to replace conventional switches. Powered by capacitive touch sensors, the Hogar Controls’ Prima touch switches provide great responses to touch commands.

The Prima touch switches come in single, double, triple, and four-button configurations while the color can be selected from white or black glass with a black or gold bezel. According to the press release, the pricing starts from $104 for the Prima 1-Touch Switch.

Via: HogarControls

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