Soft Baraque Brings Dancing Chair Wiggles Full Circle

Wooden Dancing Chair Made From Birch or Walnut Wiggles Full Circle

There was a time when a rocking chair was considered as a ghetto for deep philosophers. These little pieces of wood and their smell used to waft homes with natural aroma. Changing the course of nature for the future generation especially the millennials, Soft Baroque introduces a ‘Dancing chair’ that will not just keep you rolling but also add fun to your leisure time. 

Made from Walnut and Birch, Dancing Chair is more than just a piece of furniture. The experimental approach that was defined by a constant blurring of boundaries between conventional household items and conceptual art, between 2D digital images and 3D sensory material, gave birth to this creation. Comprising four wooden legs, the structure orbits a full circle that will grab your attention.

The chair is designed by the designer duo of Saša Štucin hailing from Slovakia and Nicholas Gardner from Australia with both being Royal College of Art graduates. The duo put their blood, sweat and tears and has worked in object design and art. The duo aims to blur the boundaries between acceptable furniture typologies and conceptual representative objects.

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The dancing furniture basically comprises two items. One item, the Dancing Furniture Chair, is made from walnut, and the other, the Dancing Furniture Armchair, from birch. Both items easily sway back and forth and are really grappling.

The chair measures around 47cm in length and 50cm in breadth and is 77 cm in height. The dancing chair will add to the decor of your house and will be a fun ride for children who can wiggle their hearts out sitting on this furniture. The item can be availed at $9,108 from Design Miami‘s official website.

Soft Baraque Brings Dancing Chair Wiggles Full Circle

Image: Artsy

Soft Baraque Brings Dancing Chair Wiggles Full Circle

Image: Artsy

Via: Woodworking Network

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