Smart Tiny House by Continental

Continental’s ContiHome Made of Recycled Materials is the ‘Future of Mobile Living’

Now we can say the tiny home movement is a trend like no other. After a range of automotive brands revealing their mobile tiny home designs from time to time, automotive parts giant Continental has jumped onto the bandwagon with its ContiHome. Dubbed by the company as the “possible future of mobile living,” ContiHome is a term we will be hearing for a long time now.

Being the largest tire manufacturer in the world, the German multinational has stepped foot into the tiny home industry and built a unique tiny house using the company’s own materials. The smart tiny house is made of recyclable material such as laminated window profiles, which can be reused in the manufacturing of new windows in their second lifecycle.

The tiny home is based on a triple axel trailer and offers 32-square-meter of floor space. From the outside, the shape of the ContiHome looks like one of those ship hulls I used to draw in high school. The tiny house is really spacious when compared to some of the other tiny houses on wheels made across Europe.

Being a smart tiny house, it is laden with interesting technologies inside-out. One can control the sound and lighting in the ContiHome via a mobile app, while there is a touchscreen interface located at the entry for more intuitive controls.

Once you get inside, the tiny house features a kitchen, workstation for your on-the-move office, a sleeping area, toilet complete with shower, and even retractable furniture that convert into a dining or study table.

The large window and glazing allow ample natural light inside. There are multiple hidden storage compartments in the stairs, and even a concealed electric fireplace in the kitchen to keep you warm while working.

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Although, for now, the tiny house is just a concept built using the mantra of minimalism and micro-housing in mind; ContiHome could eventually be an alternative to rising rent costs and lack of living space.

Image: Continental

Image: Continental

Image: Continental

Image: Continental

Image: Continental

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