The 10 Best Airbnbs in 2021, Good to Lure Travelers in 2022

As the long day draws to a close, and I sit compiling this article with worn-out eyes, a quote from Oscar Wilde kindles my mind. “Never marry at all, Dorian. Men marry because they are tired, women, because they are curious: both are disappointed.” My guess is Wilde saw the pitfalls of marriage and was not familiar with the perks to follow. Anyway, before we discuss that, I’ll get you back to the main idea: Travel – traveling with friends, family and of course that one personly you’re going to or have tied a knot with!

It’s better to travel with your better half, family or friends than to roam about by yourself. Talking of traveling, 2021 has been a bit of relief despite the pandemic gnawing its claws to every nook and corner of the world. Confined in my home, the obvious choice for escapism for me was to read P.G Wodehouse books, but for a travel enthusiast, the dilemma was to explore the world in their camper trailers or lodge in luxury Airbnb cabins.

For those choosing Airbnb, 2021 had a lot of options from a 1969 old school bus rental in British Columbia to a wooden cabin on stilts in Chile. From Hobbit House in North Carolina to a treehouse in the interiors of Italy, everything was jam-packed as people left in search of peace, tranquility, and most importantly, fun! Here we have shortlisted the ten best Airbnb rentals of 2021 that will continue to lure travelers in the coming years as well.

1969 School Bus Airbnb Rental in British Columbia

1969 School Bus Airbnb Rental in British Columbia_Ten Best Airbnb Rentals of 2021

Image: Airbnb

A bus once used as a pick and drop facility for students of Courtenay, British Columbia, now serves as an Airbnb rentable space for vacationers. Refurbished with locally salvaged material, the bus functions as a tiny guest house in the rural residential area near Sooke, BC. The passenger area of the 1969 school bus has been converted into a kitchenette and a bedroom with a queen-size bed and loads of storage options while the driver compartment serves as a stand-up shower area.

Pirates of the Caribbean Getaway in Topanga Canyon, California

Pirates of the Caribbean Getaway in Topanga Canyon, California

Image: Airbnb

Camouflaged by the trees and grass all around, this one-bedroom holiday cottage features a bamboo roof, tropical-themed decorations and colorful lights offering a pleasant stay to visitors. The Pirates of the Caribbean cottage is hallmarked by the different types of statues alongside waterfalls and ponds scattered around the property for the guests to enjoy in the outdoors.

La Tagua and La Loica on the Lagunilla hills in Matanzas, Navidad

La Tagua the Lagunilla hills in Matanzas, Navidad

Image: Airbnb

You might not find a better stay than this beautiful hilltop cabin rental by the ocean in Lagunilla Hills, Chile. La Tagua and La Loica are two wooden cabins built on stilts on the Lagunilla Hills. Apart from the coastal view, the cabins feature outdoor terraces wading with the interior space. Built from recycled oak, the cabins also include a living room, dining area, kitchen, bathroom and a bedroom for comfortable accommodation.

Hobbit House in North Carolina

Hobbit House in North Carolina

Image: Airbnb

Dubbed Hobbithenge, the hobbit house is situated in a meadow of Weaverville, North Carolina and was one of the most popular Airbnb stays of 2021. With front pillars looking like Stonehenge, the hobbit house is a perfect travel destination for people who want some tranquility in life and are a fan of Tolkien. The place has an indoor fireplace, a kitchen where guests can cook their own meals, while a queen-sized bed is placed in the loft.

Sky Frame Carbon-Neutral Treehouse

Sky Frame Carbon Neutral Treehouse

Image: Airbnb

Who doesn’t fancy living in a treehouse perched in mid-air? Spanning 350-square-feet, the Sky Frame treehouse is one of the five boutique carbon-neutral tiny homes nested at Littlefield Retreat, Maine. Made of recycled and reclaimed wood, the A-frame cabin is clad with glass walls, which offer a whimsical view of the countryside. Apart from all the basic amenities, the visitors also get a private dock with a canoe for paddling and fishing in Littlefield Pond.

Picturesque Treehouse in Italy

Picturesque Treehouse in Italy

Image: Airbnb

Beautifully furnished and elevated from the ground, Picturesque treehouse stands on metal stilts. Offering all the necessary amenities for the guests, the treehouse has chalkboard walls, pool and greenery around. Apart from a queen-sized bed, bathroom, full kitchen, and a patio, the treehouse has its own private pool and a tennis court for guests to have some quality time on the property.

Willow Treehouse in New York

Willow Tree

Image: Airbnb

Made completely out of wood, the cantilevered design and angular shape of the Willow treehouse make it stand tall among the rest. The inside space of the treehouse features an open-plan lounge that opens out to two balconies on either side or a loft bedroom. A separate bathroom and second bedroom are also in the back of the structure. If you fancy living high in the company of birds, this is a perfect place to quench your wanderlust.

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Fibonacci House in Canada

Fibonacci House in Canada_Ten Best Airbnb Rentals of 2021

Image: Airbnb

A paradise for travel junkies and hugged by the wilds of British Columbia, Fibonacci House is an inaugural 3D printed house in Canada. The 377-square-feet 3D printed structure of the Fibonacci house was first constructed off-site and is the world’s first fully printed concrete tiny home on Airbnb. The home features a living area, mezzanine, well-furnished kitchen and a tiled bathroom with a shower.

Yambara in Sleaford Bay, Australia

Bamboo II Shipping Container in Austin

Image: Airbnb

This off-grid tiny cabin is located in Sleaford Bay, Australia. The cabin lies minutes away from Port Lincoln and is a paradise for beach lovers with a coastline view. Accommodating up to four people, Yambara is adorned with expansive glazing, which allows users to fall completely off the grid. The cabin comprises a king-size bed and a double bed on the mezzanine. It also features its own solar-battery power system that facilitates reverse-cycle air conditioning.

Bamboo II Shipping Container Home in Austin, Texas

Bamboo II Shipping Container Home in Austin, Texas

Image: Airbnb

The shipping container home located in Texas was immensely popular among visitors in 2021. Coming in a dusky blue exterior, the Bamboo II is adorned with wood and corrugated metal for a cozy look inside. The container comprises a living room, kitchenette, and a bedroom for two. In addition, there is a spacious bathroom and a patio area with a chimney for guests to enjoy the outdoors.

Now that the list has concluded, we would like to wish you a Happy New Year from the entire team of Homecrux.

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