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Xylo Flexible Modular Furniture is Space-Saving Solution Every Home Needs

The world has moved past days when bulky furniture covered most parts of the house. Now, the times have changed, people are living in cramped-up city apartments where space comes for a premium; thus the need for space-saving furniture is more than ever today. 

As a solution and catering to the demand, Xylo Living, a modular furniture startup brings flexible, modular, and minimal furniture to the fore. Space-saving modular furniture allows users to also customize their home with foldable, flexible, retractable, easy-to-move furniture that would be an ideal investment for the future.

The components of Xylo Living furniture can be easily turned into almost every item the user needs for a comfortable living. Whether you want a sofa, coffee table, or a five-piece dining set, everything is possible with a snap of a finger (not literally) but it’s fun and easy to assemble and disassemble furniture components and give your room a whole new outlook, each time you want.

The Xylo system comprises three main components which can be used in multiple configurations. The three components include connecting slats, side profile pieces, and surface pieces. All these pieces are interchangeable and can be used to form chairs, coffee table, and sofa. Being interchangeable and capable of forming different types of furniture, Xylo Living allows users to make the most of the little space on offer.

The Xylo modular furniture is perfectly suited for people who live alone or in small families with fewer furniture requirements. However, it’s not just meant for indoor usage and can even be carried around while exploring the outdoors.

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Not just this, even if you decide to change your home tomorrow, you can easily disassemble the item and carry it easily to wherever you settle and that is the beauty of modular furniture. This system is simple and intuitive and does not require the use of tools to assemble or disassemble.

Available in light and dark wood finish, the furniture is provided in a variety of fabric options from mint, aqua, red, autumn, to hay, and honey. Currently being crowd-funded on Indiegogo, the entire living room set comprising one Cloud Couch, one TV Swag Stand, and one Coffee and Chill Table with Side Hustle Tables would cost you around $3,000.

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Image: Xylo Living

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Image: Xylo Living

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Image: Xylo Living

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Image: Xylo Living

Modular Furniture Xylo

Image: Xylo Living

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Image: Xylo Living

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Image: Xylo Living

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Image: Xylo Living

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