Shelter by João Teixeira

Minimal Wooden Work Desk Designed to Keep Your Home Office Organized

We have been using desks, chairs, and tables all our life yet we’ve never bothered to understand the mechanics that goes behind making such furniture pieces. For instance, a desk that houses our computer, coffee mug, and other accessories, has never received as much attention as the gadget sitting on it. But, with employees shifting to work from home regime, the same work desk and other furniture have all of sudden become a focal point of our attention.

When it comes to a work desk, we need something that is stable, strong, and sturdy. Basically, furniture that wouldn’t wobble while attending those Zoom meetings. The Shelter is one such wooden desk, designed for better layout organization at the home office. Balancing virtuosity and stability, Portuguese designer João Teixeira wanted to design something that could create an organic connection between the desk and the user and thus Shelter was born.

The Shelter is made for workaholics with a minimal approach. It features three rounded front slim drawers big enough to store gadgets like a tablet or laptop. It also includes a back drawer that assists the user with cable management and hides all your cables and chargers. Made from eco-friendly materials, like natural ash, the desk provides warmth to the user and also successfully blends with the interior.

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Focus on boosting individual productivity and equipping your workspace with an organized and less messy furniture piece is the mantra of this work desk that stands on four high wooden legs. Maintaining a strong balance between form, function, and functionality, the Shelter desk is available for £2,199 (approx. $3,000) from Tomorrow.

Shelter by João Teixeira_10

Image: João Teixeira

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Image: João Teixeira

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Image: João Teixeira

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Image: João Teixeira

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Image: João Teixeira

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Image: João Teixeira

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Image: João Teixeira

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