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Reinterpret Your Interior With ATOLL Table That Cooks Food for You

If you are reading this, I am pretty sure many of you reached here by the title. And mind you, it’s no clickbait at all, because German manufacturing company ATOLL has developed a ceramic table with invisible induction technology that allows the user to prepare and cook meals. Functioning as a serving table, ATOLL is a combination of groundbreaking functionality and chic aesthetics, which makes it suitable for your living.

Focusing on essentials, the table is designed for minimalist living with a tinge of technology to make your life easier. You don’t need to spend time operating gas stoves, as you can cook and eat on this very table that becomes a rendezvous place.

Being an energy-saving high-end technology, induction coils are invisibly integrated into the durable ceramic surface. Two invisibly integrated induction plates provide a seamless transition between the hotplate and the work surface. Redefining space, the ATOLL table allows you to cook meals and eat with your friends at the same time.

Consuming 50 percent less energy than its counterparts, it has a minimalist control panel to operate the induction. The ceramic tabletop can withstand very high temperatures and is resistant to acids and scratches, allowing you to prepare any kind of meal right on the table.

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A variety of ceramic surfaces and table leg options ensures high customizability and timeless design. The table is available in multiple length configurations and the user can choose from eight different ceramic surfaces with specially curated table legs.


Image: ATOLL

ATOLL Table With Induction

Image: ATOLL


Image: ATOLL

ATOLL Table With Induction_2

Image: ATOLL


Image: ATOLL


Image: ATOLL

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