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Christmas gifts for pet owners

10+ Practical Christmas Gift Ideas for Pet Owners

Gifting pet lovers what they really appreciate is the best way to show your affection for them, and Christmas is the best time for that. Do you have anyone on your list who is a pet lover or owns a pet? Don’t embarrass yourself by gifting them a tie, card, book, or any other typical Christmas gift. This will be a mere formal exchange of gifts – it won’t be a personalized one.

If you don’t want to leave that impression, choose a gift that’s special, unique and, most importantly, practical. Here’s a list of some practical Christmas gift ideas for pet parents.

Wipe Your Paws Door Mat

Best Christmas Gifts for Dog Lovers

Image: Etsy/SLMPickinsShop

This doormat is made of 100 percent natural coir and is hand-painted with black paint and sprayed with a UV sealant. It will look great at the front door of a pet owner. This mat is meant to be placed under a covered area.

Price: $35

Dog-Shaped Wall Hooks

Christmas gifts for pet lovers

Image: Amazon

If your dog-lover friend likes everything about dogs, consider gifting him/her these beautiful dog-shaped metal hooks. They are just perfect to hang dog clothes, blanket, or other dog accessories. It can also be used to hang coats, garments, etc. The dog-shaped wall hooks will bring a smile on everyone’s face.

Price: $29

Minky Cat-Shaped Planter

best Christmas gifts for pet lovers

Image: Etsy/LushSucculentsAU

You could gift your cat lover friend this cute planter in the shape of a cat. Made using polystone material, it measures 18 cm high and 10cm wide. It also functions as a whimsical sculpture piece. The small planter can be a perfect home decor item for your cat-loving friend.

Price: $18

Personalized Dog Mug

Christmas Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers

Image: Etsy/

A beautiful mug with a wonderful design featuring a dog and its owner makes for a perfect Christmas gift. Made of ceramic, the cup can be personalized – you can have your friend’s name or his dog’s photo printed on it, options are endless.

Buy: 20

Paw-some Pillow Cover

Christmas Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers

Image: Amazon

A cushion cover will be a very sweet and adorable gift to your girlfriend who loves dogs. This cushion cover is made of cotton lines and has a paw pattern printed on it. This is ideal for both office and home use and will be a great gift to your loved ones.

Buy: $10

Stoneware Coaster

Christmas Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers

Image: Amazon

Perfect for people tired of cleaning wine and oil stains from the coffee table. Surprise them with this stoneware coaster this Christmas. Tag lined, ‘All you need is a dog’ and ‘Beware of Wiggle Butts,’ these coasters are functional and durable.

Buy: $14

Wine Bottle Holder

Christmas Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers

Image: Amazon

A bespoke wine rack looks great in the living room. If you are looking for something more economical, gift a wine bottle holder this Christmas. It’s are a normal holder but a pup bottle holder for tabletop. Made of plastic, this bottle holder is indeed a conversation starter. Your friends would fall in love with this cute item.

Buy: $27

Texsens Backpack Pet Carrier

Christmas gifts for outdoor lovers

Image: Amazon

Specially designed while keeping in mind pet lovers, this backpack makes carrying a pet easy. The backpack has a comfy pad for the pet to sit, sleep, and move freely. It has three sides made of PVC mesh for optimal airflow. The pet carrier is perfect for carrying dogs weighing up to 15 pounds, or cats up to 18 pounds. Since the choice of your bag speaks a lot about your personality, there are various designs and colors available to choose from to suit your personal style statement.

Buy: Starts from $26

Black & Decker Pet Hair Handheld Vacuum

Best Christmas Gifts for Dog Lovers

Image: Amazon

Managing pet hair loss is a huge challenge for pet lovers. This cordless vacuum is a great gift for pet parents who struggle to keep the house free from pet hair. The vacuum comes with a washable bowl and filter.

Price: $50

Dog Nail Clipper and Trimmer from Boshel

Best Christmas Gifts for Dog Lovers

Image: Amazon

The Boshel dog nail clipper and trimmer is an ergonomically designed, easy-to-use grooming tool recommended by prominent veterinarians, professional dog groomers and trainers. Ideal for medium and large size breed dogs, the dog nail clipper features high-quality 3.5 mm thick stainless steel sharp blades, powerful enough to clip dog’s nails in just one cut.

Price: $15

Aquapaw Pet Bathing Tool

Aquapaw - pet bathing

Image: Amazon

Surprise your friend by gifting him Aquapaw this Christmas. It is the world’s first wearable sprayer and scrubber for dogs that can be turned on/off with the simple touch of a button. Its one-size-fits-all design allows you to better control your pet as well as the flow of water while you bathe your furry friend.

Price: $25

Smart Pet Camera

Christmas Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers

Image: Wayfair

The smart automatic feeder camera allows pet owners to keep a check on their pets remotely. Since it has a feeder functionality, the device enables you to offer treats to your pet whenever required with a simple tap on the smartphone screen.

Buy: $130

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