Flat-Packed Cat Tower by Joao Teixeira_3

Float Flatpack Cat Tower Features Scratching Modules and a Top Bed

Mankind has been petting cats and dogs for centuries but it always amazed me how generations of people got attracted to these little felines and furry friends. I mean, the only pet I ever wanted was a horse I could ride in my highs and lows. Then, one day my cousin introduced me to this cute little kitty she brought home, and boy oh boy! I haven’t stopped adoring the little felines ever since.

But while owning a cat is one thing, bearing its tantrums is a whole new experience. These lively creatures need more than just food and shelter. One needs to keep them entertained and busy in order to avoid the damages they may bring home. Cats are notorious! They like to scratch their bodies and love climbing, and what better than having a cat tower at your home to cater to both their needs. Float is one such cat tower that will keep your kitty engaged throughout the day and will save you from the hassle of keeping a constant eye on her.

Designed by João Teixeira with versatility in mind, Float is a flat-packed cat tower or cat tree (whatever you like to call it) with added functionality with features like scratching modules, movable seat rests, and a top bed.

Suitable for smaller spaces, the cat tower is easy to assemble with lesser components involved. There are four levels for your cat to climb, scratch, and sleep. Combining natural texture of wood with gray felt, the minimal design of the cat tower gives it an impression as if the steps are floating in the air. Teixeira incorporated scratching posts on every level to make your feline’s life easier.

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Poised on a plywood base, the wooden rods are connected to one another by elastic tubing. The scratching material bases are placed on top of the wooden steps to make them non-slippery. Featuring a Scandinavian-inspired look, the design will easily blend with your interior and fold away to pack into a bag when you want to travel with your kitty and her best toy post.

Flat-Packed Cat Tower by Joao Teixeira_4

Image: João Teixeira

Flat-Packed Cat Tower by Joao Teixeira_5

Image: João Teixeira

Flat-Packed Cat Tower by Joao Teixeira_6

Image: João Teixeira

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