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Wall-Mounted Cat Bed Blends With Your Interior and Kitty’s Playfulness

Owning a dog is completely gratifying. You get licked, loved, and loads of loyalty from your canine companions. But in case of cats, the tables turn and you are the one who gets friend-zoned here. It’s a little difficult to decode your feline behavior. They might be connoisseurs of comfort, but they demand a lot of grooming, attention, and simultaneously some personal space as well. If you are living in an apartment where space comes at a premium and worrying about where to house your cat, take a chill pill because MYZOO is at your service with their latest wall-mounted cat bed.

Dubbed Solar, the sun-shaped floating bed can be mounted on a wall and would serve as a perfect perch and an ideal resting space for your feline friend. We have seen a lot of pet furniture in the past but all of that required some ground space. In the case of Solar though, it not just saves your floor space but also adds to your home decor. The small cat furniture is built from pinewood and features a slotted resting and a jumping platform for your cat as well.

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Cats absolutely love climbing and in case you are planning to mount a cat bed super high, do not forget to add steps to the wall that will make it easier for your cats to climb. The steps mounted one above the other form a stair-like section that offers safe mobility for your cats to climb and lounge up high. Easy-to-assemble, the cat bed would keep your feline busy and buzzing and is available for $250 at MYZOO.

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Image: MYZOO

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Image: MYZOO

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Image: MYZOO

MYZOO Solar Cat Bed

Image: MYZOO

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Image: MYZOO

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