FireCan by Ignik

This Washington-based Company’s FireCan is Safest Solution for Outdoor Fires

Wildfires are getting increasingly worse in the US with climate change accused of being the biggest reason. But instead of figuring out a solution, lawmakers seem to inculpate young campers and hikers for the fires. Blaming campfires and cigar butts for the catastrophe. Traditional campfires are thus banned in many regions of America. Ignik, a Washington-based outdoor gear manufacturer comes to the rescue of all camping lovers with its FireCan which is a compact and safe firepit to light up fires in the outdoors.

Serving as a perfect alternative to traditional campfires, the FireCan by Ignik may look like a car battery or toolkit to you; however, it is a heavy-duty steel box that is compatible with 5lb, 10lb, and 20lb propane cylinders. Boasting a rugged ammo-can design, the FireCan includes a removable lid with a carrying handle. In addition, there are heat-proof silicone side handles and folding legs in the base.

The steel meshed sides of the FireCan allow the user to see flames increase transmission of heat. Other features include a 5-foot hose with an adjustable regulator to control the flame height and heat output. It delivers a heat output of 38,000 BTUs and burn time of 2.5 hours per 5 pounds of propane on high setting.

Weighing around 11.5 pounds (5.5kg), it burns much cleaner than a traditional campfire, produces no ash and additionally would not require anyone to go and scavenge for dry woods. With FireCan in your backpack, nobody could question the carelessness and dereliction of the youth anymore.

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Safe to operate and easy to carry, the Ignik FireCan would cost you $200 and is available on their official website. Measuring around 15.5 x 6.5 x 10.75 inches, it packs down to 12 x 6.25 x 8.5 inches once folded.

The fire is contained and is a good alternative to traditional wood campfires. The fire rock and gas growler are separately sold.

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Image: Ignik

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