Leaf Table by Dizajno

Two curved solid wood pieces merged together form this leaf-like table

Slovakian Design Company Dizajno has created unique masterpiece called the Leaf Table that truly lives up to its name, as its design is inspired from natural curves of a leaf. The gently sloped surface of this table is not only aesthetically appealing but also functional.

Despite slightly curved surface, the table can easily allow a wine glass, plate or any other object (for instance, a fruit) to rest on it without dropping down.

Leaf Table is made by joining two curved solid wood pieces – forming a leaf-like structure. Both the wooden pieces can be of same wood or different wooden pieces for providing remarkable touch to the artistic design.

The ribbed section of the table has plywood around it and is finished with natural veneer to enhance its look. It will be an outstanding centerpiece in your living room or office, impressing everyone with its elegant and stylish design. This sculptural wooden table is available online on the Company’s official website for made-to-option. Moreover, you can also customize its exterior varnishing from matte to highly glossy finish, to match other furniture items in your home.

Leaf Table by Dizajno

Despite the curvy surface, wine glasses can stand upright on the table

Leaf Table by Dizajno

Gently sloppy surface can also hold apple or any other fruit without dropping it down

Leaf Table by Dizajno

Both wooden pieces in this table are made of same wood

Leaf Table by Dizajno

Different woods are used in constructing this particular table design

Credit: DesignShell

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