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Bowlus’ Savvy Makeover for its Travel Trailers Shines with Improved Interior and Exterior

Airstream travel trailers are hands-down the most popular RV campers ever made that have been dominating the market for a long time. However, these shiny beauties featuring a lightweight aluminum exterior and reflecting the surroundings were not the first to have this sort of design. In fact, it was Bowlus who introduced the iconic design back in 1934. The company was shut for years but finally revived in 2013 and is now a fierce competitor of Airstream.

Since its revival, the American luxury RV company has been making some of the most luxurious travel trailers and has been updating them constantly. Currently, they are selling three models: Terra Firma, Endless Highways Performance Edition, and Endless Highways Edition.

It has updated its models and made some worthy additions to its trailers. The biggest update for 2022 is Bowlus replacing the small and rounded taillights with 15-inch tall, vertically-oriented LED taillights. The rear end taillights, containing 13 diodes each, would increase visibility and help other drivers who are driving behind the trailer.

Touted as the first aluminum riveted travel trailer in the world, the company has also added hard-pull, soft-close drawers to the kitchen cabinetry, increasing the storage space. Furthermore, they have upgraded the tech by adding an improved air conditioning system that circulates purified air throughout the living space. Another major update is a “60-Second Hitch” towing connection assistance system that makes hooking it up to a vehicle an easier process alongside an app-operated Bluetooth brake controller.

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With all these updates, you can purchase the 2022 Bowlus Endless Highways Edition for $215,000. The Endless Highways Performance Edition starts at $240,000, while the Terra Firma has a base cost of $265,000.

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Image: Bowlus

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Image: Bowlus

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Image: Bowlus

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Image: Bowlus

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