Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box

Smarty Pear Launches App Controlled Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Personally, I don’t like cats and how much I loathe cat shit is par imagination. However, my day usually starts with sipping cat shit in my favorite coffee mug, but that’s the coffee I am talking about. When it comes to cleaning literal cat shit, I’d preferably give a walk over to my sister who adores them a lot.

The challenge I face is not very unique and you might encounter the same problem too – taking care of the kitten your mum brought home. Sailing in the same ship, we require hatches to guide us through the wind flow and Smarty Pear’s Leo’s Loo Too self-cleaning litter box might just come to our rescue.

The app-controlled litter box comes equipped with Google and Alexa voice controls. While launching the litter box this summer, the pet care company decided to take the scooping game a little further with adding app controls to its previous version.

Leo’s Loo Too comes with a larger waste drawer as compared to its old version. Available in four color options – gray, pink, baby blue, and green, the litter box automatically cleans the cat shit without spilling anything on the ground.

The smart litter box lets you keep a tab on your cat’s health, weight changes, your kitty’s total visits to the loo and, of course, hygiene through the app. Furthermore, it features UV sterilization to help kill bacteria, viruses and odor.

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For added safety, the triple safety protection system with radar, weight sensors and anti-pinch sensors detect the cat is in or near the loo and help pause moving parts until the kitty is clear.

All this is just a finger touch away. Retailing at $550, the Leo’s Loo Too is available for pre-order at Smarty Pear’s website.

Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box

Image: Smarty Pear

Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box

Image: Smarty Pear

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