Pet Dry Room by found-Founded for Avec

Pet Dry Room by found/Founded Will Keep Your Furry Friend High and Dry

Parents, progeny and pets are probably the only three constants of my life that I would never choose to argue with. With ‘pet-riarchy’ strictly being followed in my house, I may or may not get a hairdryer in the future but my pet is assured to have one of its own.

Korean start-up Avec approached found/Founded to design a dry room for pets to keep them dry and buzzing all the time. found/Founded specializes in developing and manufacturing pet products. Suited for both cats and dogs, the pet dry room dries their fur and fleece thoroughly.

The dryer home won’t occupy much of your space and come in the size of a mini-refrigerator. There is no rocket science behind the usage of the product, either. Just put your pet inside the washing machine-sized dryer and set the temperature. In addition, there is a sterilization function available that helps maintain the health of your pet.

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Perfect for small to medium-sized pets, the pet dry room not only saves you from the hassle of drying but also prevents a lot of water spillage on your floor and bedsheets. If your pet is not much of a personal groomer, I am pretty certain it would love this little sauna.

Pet Dry Room by found-Founded for Avec

Image: found/Founded

Pet Dry Room- Avec

Image: found/Founded

Pet Dry Room- Avec

Image: found/Founded

Pet Dry Room- Avec_3

Image: found/Founded

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