Self-Standing Chair by Fredrik Mattson

This Folding Chair can Self-Stand Without Support Even When Folded

When we talk of chairs, we usually keep ergonomics and aesthetic in mind. It is very obvious considering we want to bring a gorgeous furniture piece to our home but what we tend to forget is the form and function of the item.
The design world is bombarded with chairs at the moment. Some of these designs are cliche of others while few outstrip the competition with their unique form and function. Null is one such chair that stands above the rest for its sleek aesthetic and most importantly, finest functionality.

We have seen stacking chairs in past, but what makes this foldable piece so special is its quality to self-stand despite being folded. Once folded, most of the chairs you’d come across cannot stand on their own and either need to be stacked horizontally or need some support. Well, this is not the case with Null. The self-standing chair is designed in such a way that even after being folded, the legs of the chair stay erect and hold the entire upper structure in a comfortable manner.

Designed by Swedish designer Fredrik Mattson who is trained as a furniture designer and interior architect, the chair can play an integral part in our lifestyle. It can be used inside our homes or even at the office. I even feel the chair would make for great outdoor furniture. Whether we are working in the office, enjoying our meals, or even playing cards as a leisure activity, this furniture piece would be of great importance in accomplishing our daily routine.

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The chair features a comfortable circular sitting pad for the user which I assume is made of wood or steel. The rest of the body looks metal to me. Available in multiple colors, the designer made the piece for Finland-based furniture company Vivero. We are not familiar with the pricing yet but would update it soon as soon as we hear from the designer.

Self-Standing and Folding Chair by Fredrik Mattson

Image: Fredrik Mattson

Self-Standing Chair by Fredrik Mattson

Image: Fredrik Mattson

Self-Standing and Folding Chair by Fredrik Mattson_21

Image: Fredrik Mattson

Self-Standing Black color Chair by Fredrik Mattson

Image: Fredrik Mattson Verkstad

Self-Standing Chair _1

Image: Fredrik Mattson Verkstad

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