The System by Tavar_5

Tavar Magnetic Modules Snap Together in Various Shelf Configurations

Space-saving furniture has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. The rising popularity of these modular furniture designs is not puffery but a necessity for people in urban apartments, owing to the high cost of living in the city lights. German inventor Michael Linden has designed one such storage system dubbed Tavar which is apt for users’ modular furniture needs.

Gloating magnetic joints and easy to assemble, the Tavar is a storage system designed for people who prefer multiple configurations in their shelves, drawers, and racks. The modular design allows users to add or remove compartments based on their personal preferences.

The system features boards made of birch plywood (18mm each), and connectors contrived of massive wood with a shellac surface. It allows users to build an infinite number of storage configurations. In case you want more storage, you can add doors and drawers to the furniture system if required. The setup works without any hardware and no tools are needed for construction.

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Boosting minimalist living in modern apartments, Tavar is easy to mount and dismount. Tavar System is a modular, expandable, and adaptable solution for people with less floor area.

Made using wood from sustainable finish forestry and an eco-friendly color palette, the system can be built in a 20 cm grid in all three directions allowing it to be wide and high. Though, units can also be divided in half.

The System by Tavar_4

Image: Tavar

The System by Tavar_3

Image: Tavar

The System by Tavar_2

Image: Tavar

The System by Tavar_1

Image: Tavar

The System by Tavar

Image: Tavar

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