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STACKABL System Transforms Factory Off-cuts Into Aesthetic Furniture

This may be an unpopular opinion, but of all the furniture designs we have covered in the past, nothing is as beguiling as a furniture piece made from stacks of factory off-cuts. Turning waste material into sustainable furniture, Toronto-based design firm Stacklab is carrying the baton, making fitments that are not just sustainable but also aesthetically pleasing.

The design studio recently unveiled the ‘STACKABL’ collection comprising a lounge chair, dining chair, corner chair, club chair, chaise lounge, and a bench. The collection is made using felted wool, aluminum, and wood.

The studio collaborated with six different designers from New York gallery space and furniture retailer Maison Gerard to turn waste into wonder. Made from locally sourced factory cut-offs, the collection lays emphasis on reducing carbon footprint and empowering regional economies.

Under STACKABL collection, layers of high quality felt offcuts are identified by algorithms and cut with the aid of robots. The STACKABL system blends machine precision with designer creativity to turn scrap into gold (not literally). As per the company, it is an innovative system for designing custom furniture without waste.

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To create this collection, designers used a specialized configurator software, which operates on instructions of the designer, from the color choice to dimension selection. Then the software selects high-quality felt off-cuts that are further cut by robots into furniture. Being recyclable in nature, STACKABL system explores how technology changes the future of design by recycling waste into finished products with little aid from computer based algorithms and robotics.


Image: Stackabl

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Image: Stackabl


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Image: Stackabl

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Image: Stackabl

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