Mobi 05 DAISY

The Attractive Red Mobi 05 DAISY Tiny House Has Cozy and Bright Interiors

You may have not heard of Mobi House, tiny house builders from Poland before, but I bet, this is not the last time you’re hearing this name. Led by a couple that’s driven by a passion to build some of the most impeccable tiny houses, the Polish builders proudly present to you Mobi 05 DAISY an iteration of the company’s Mobi 05 model.

Like any other Mobi 05 model, the Mobi 05 DAISY has also been built on the pillars of Japanese minimalism and Zen philosophy. However, in the past, Mobi 05 models were dubbed as summer houses, but in the case of Mobi 05 DAISY, this might just be your winter escape. The 7.2m long trailer is painted red and sleeps a couple of people.

You can add kids to the equation in case they are young to sleep beside you. Large windows and doors pave way for the light, creating a brighter and naturally lit interior. The color base followed for doors and windows is white and gray, but the exterior is mostly wooden and Swedish red in color.

The spacious living area has an L-shaped fold-out sofa on the back wall with a table placed next to it, which can be retracted back to the wall. A couple of chairs are also placed near the table.

The standout feature of the house is its roof; its slope provides a spacious mezzanine that can be accessed via stairs from the living. The mezzanine has a wooden railing on its borders that would prevent anyone from falling and also features two ventilators offering an outside view. 

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Moving on to the kitchen, it is bright, functional, and laden with basic amenities. Filled with cabinets, drawers, and shelves, there is plenty of storage facility. This inviting tiny house’s bathroom has a standard toilet, sink, and shower cubicle.

Mobi 05 DAISY is a Tiny House With Red Facade

Image: Mobi House

Image: Mobi House

Mobi House 05 DAISY Exterior

Image: Mobi House

Mobi House 05 DAISY Interior

Image: Mobi House

Mobi House Chairs and Sofa

Image: Mobi House

Mobi House DAISY Kitchen

Image: Mobi House

Mobi House Sleeping Mezzanine

Image: Mobi House

Mobi House DAISY Tiny House Interior

Image: Mobi House

Mobi House Bathroom and Washroom

Image: Mobi House

Mobi House Shower

Image: Mobi House

Mobi House DAISY_21

Image: Mobi House

Mobi House DAISY Storage Image: Mobi House

Image: Mobi House

Mobi House Retractable Table

Image: Mobi House

DAISY Mobi House

Image: Mobi House

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