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Steel Coffee Table by Dale Mathis is ‘Perfect Imperfection’ for Steampunk Fans

Dale Mathis carries the legacy of making some of the most intriguing tables inspired by retro-futurism. This Wicked Steel Coffee Table is a fine example of his art, which steampunk lovers would fancy having in their living area. The elegant appearance and the vintage design of the table make it worth a fancy abode.

The designer, who touts his art to be the most perfect imperfection, was inspired to make the steel table by Jules Verne’s science-fiction novel “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea” that depicted steamships and submarines way before they were introduced to the modern world.

Dale Mathis made this steel table using metal as his ally. The super exotic table features a combination of pistons and gears that are rotating in a constant motion, making the table look like the wheel of time. Poised on metal legs, it has a glass tabletop to hold your accessories, from a mug to a magazine. One can also spot the initials of the designer etched on the body of the furniture.

The color combination is also one of the striking features of the table and will keep the eyes of your guests glued to it. Every section of the table speaks volumes about the meticulous design and planning that might have gone into making it.

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Dale Mathis has done justice to his art and is the Dexter in the dark with more creations like Executive Desk, Green Bars, and Colossal Clock that are also available on his website. With the Steampunk coffee table, the designer made his first attempt at creating a fantasy object completely out of metal.

The table is available in limited edition with just 100 pieces made and can be purchased at a whopping $13,700.

Steel Coffee Table by Dale Mathis

Image: Dale Mathis

Steel Coffee Table by Dale Mathis_3

Image: Dale Mathis

Steel Coffee Table by Dale Mathis_5

Image: Dale Mathis

Steel Coffee Table by Dale Mathis_6

Image: Dale Mathis

Steel Coffee Table by Dale Mathis_7

Image: Dale Mathis

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