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lull Hammock Chair With Light and Heating is WFH Essential this Winter

Hammocks have gained a cult status over the years. The human understanding of the hammock has indeed traveled a long way from once being hailed as a contraption used by hippies to now being considered as a modern-day fashion statement while camping out. However, its utility is still misunderstood as a swinging couch or a hanging bed where you can relax and listen to lullaby before dozing off under a starry night. A hammock got to be more than that.

My search for such a hammock brought me to Kickstarter, where I spotted this chair called the lull. Replicating the seating ergonomics in a spacecraft, Cigla Design has made this mobile chair that not only supports your back but is also loaded with advanced features. The lul World basic set comprises a hammock with two pockets, an iron frame that supports the hammock, and a bag to fold the two.

In contrast to this, the lull World premium set comprises all the amenities from a hammock with an electric heating system to an umbrella. It also features a mosquito net to keep bugs away while you’ve turned on the built-in lighting system. The users are also acquainted with a laptop holder, power charger, and a power bank onboard. Two console tables are abreast on stainless steel platform alongside a foot holder to relax your feet on.

Encompassing its own folding frame and super-comfortable dynamic zero gravity position, the hammock chair is a perfect solution for remote working that helps you stay comfortable while sitting for a long period of time.

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The elegant hammock chair can be used in any preferred setting from the beach to a balcony or any city park to a countryside camping location. Currently being crowd-funded on Kickstarter, the lull hammock chair World set is available for an early bird price of $499.

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Image: lull World

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Image: lull World

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Image: lull World

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Image: lull World

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Image: lull World

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Image: lull World

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